Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Treehouse Rope Ladder Demo Reel

How To Climb Down Our Treehouse Rope Ladder

Of course, this is looking up.

My daughter was kind enough the other day to demonstrate the proper method for climbing down our treehouse rope ladder -- assuming you're 40-odd inches tall and six years old, it will work great for you. The cameraman has a few more difficulties, but it's of course worth it. :)

I do believe I'll have to re-stain this year, or next at the latest. The rope ladder rungs have fared pretty well, but I don't think they're totally immune to the weather just because they're right under the treehouse. The problem will be figuring out an "easy" way to stain a rope ladder rung that's going to stay on the rope while it's being stained. This will take some deep thought... perhaps I'll sit up in the treehouse this week and mull it over. :)

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