Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Monster Tub, Part 4

Water Testing the Monster Tub, a Wall, and Tile!

Holy cow, it worked!

All things considered it filled up pretty quickly. Very minimal creaking underneath, thanks to the beefed-up floor. It’s a lot of water.

I’d purchased a couple of boxes of a filled travertine tile (again, on clearance), and wanted to use it in the bathroom. Again, I didn’t need much — particularly after the tub took up a third of the bathroom — so to make my life more complicated I decided to turn the 12x12 tiles into some smaller ones and make a pattern. I picked up an affordable wet saw, rigged up a straight line to cut across, and went to town.

I made a bunch of these, basically.

While I was reading about how the heck to lay tile, I decided to take care of the “no door to the bathroom” problem. I found a door on Craigslist, and started framing a wall for it to sit in.

I also wanted a way to keep a bunch of the light from the bedroom coming into the bathroom (I was worried it would seem dark after not having a door at all), so in addition to picking out a half-glass door, I left a hole for some glass bricks. They were fun to put in.

I’d eventually put in a sheer curtain for the door.

Back inside the bathroom, it was time to do the tile floor. Cement board came first.

Then I started on the tile. It was brain work remembering my pattern throughout.


White grout and some trim. I also cut the waste pipe down to attach the toilet flange.

Which foretold the return of the toilet, to the delight of the entire family.

The Monster Tub was almost finished — all that was left was a little touching up, and my first soak.

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