Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Treehouse Story: The Return of Shaky Cam!

More Found Footage of the Treehouse Build

At this point I'd be doubting my story myself, but it's true: I just found another short bit of video from during the treehouse construction. Think of it as a miracle, or think of it as I'm just another guy with a pretty sloppy methodology when it comes to archiving pictures and video.


Watching the video, it appears I did a little shaky-handed spin-around with my phone's camera, right about when I'd completed putting up all the treehouse walls, and had started on the porch. There's no roof yet (which makes for interesting lighting), nor is there a complete railing on the porch. But it shows the trap door closed, and (sort of) the view. In my characteristic "my hands are exhausted from whatever I've been nailing/screwing together for the past few hours" sort of way.

Hopefully this will tide folks over until the snow melts and I can get back up there and shoot some more. Enjoy.

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