Thursday, February 5, 2015

The VW Bus Bed, Part 5

The VW Bus Bed Gets A Paint Job

So my helper assured me the measurements were all perfect; it was time to paint the VW bus bed!

First would be the “roof rack”, or painting the top of the bunk bed to look more like a rack on a VW bus. I taped, masked and covered what I could, and let rip with a rattle can full of silver spray paint.

Next I taped over the front bumper and started priming.

Again, in hindsight, cheaper plywood would’ve been fine. But at the time, who knew?

After I’d primed everything, I taped out that signature VW bus two-tone pattern, and painted the top half with a sort of cream-ish color I had around.

Then I taped the other way, and painted with a really high-quality (e.g. expensive) orange I had leftover from another project. No one believes I just had this orange paint sitting in the garage, but if you ever visit my upstairs bathroom, you’ll know we went pretty bright in there.

I took the masking tape off and attached the wheels. Woo hoo!

The VW bus bed was looking better than I’d ever hoped. Next I wanted to make the inside a little more fun: electronics!

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